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Welding Jobs in Arizona

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Welding has been around for thousands of years, and although it is much more advanced now, it is just as important today as it was so many millennia ago. The welding industry impacts many others, such as the construction, automotive, aviation, and shipbuilding industries. Without welders, many structures and equipment that are made out of metal could not be made successfully.

Becoming a Welder

In order to become a welder, one has to fill a few requirements, educational or otherwise. Some employers require high school diplomas and specific welding tests that are set up by the employers themselves.

Others require certificates or degrees from technical schools, vocational schools, or community colleges. Completing an education in welding can lead to a Welding Certificate of Achievement, an Associate of Science in Welding, or a Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering. Typical classes in welding programs include different methods and techniques of welding, and learning shop mechanics and how to read blueprints. Although it is in Show Low, the White Mountain Campus of Northland Pioneer College has a welding department that offers certificates based on skill and education levels.

Welders can also get certified. The American Welding Society provides national certification, and can be received by either completing accredited welding programs or it can be received independently. Safety training and supervision are also required before welders work independently because of the potential dangers that come with welding.

Despite the fact that it is a dangerous job, welders do enjoy their work. There are lots of employment opportunities right now and in the future, as the welding industry keeps growing. Welders get joy from their work because they like using their skill and their hands to create and fix things. They are truly artists, though it may not be in the conventional sense, and there is such a wide variety of techniques in welding. This way, they won’t get bored with their work; if they do, they can focus on a different type of welding. Another benefit to being a welder is that they can help out family and friends. If someone they know has a broken object, they can easily fix it and feel good about assisting them.

Major Employers

Phoenix Welding Supply Co. has been providing welding services for over fifty years now. This company rents equipment, repairs welding machines, torches, and regulators. Phoenix Welding Supply Co. has locations in seven cities in Arizona, including Flagstaff, and those who are interested can get information for applying on their website. Applicants can email, mail, or fax their resumes.

Vic’s Welding is another major welding company in Arizona. This employer is located in Maricopa county and provides repairs, piping, and welding services. Applicants can either apply online, or they can email or fax their resume.

T&A’s Mobile Welding Fabrication and Repair provides services in different locations in Arizona. T&A’s offers a large amount of services that mainly have to do with fabrication and repair. Those interested in working for this employer can contact them on their website.


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