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UK Airport Jobs

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s leading airports. In fact, the sovereign state’s capital city, London, has the largest city airport system anywhere in the world, by passenger traffic. You are probably interested in UK airport jobs, which explains why you are reading this post. In this piece you will find useful information about the major airports in the UK and the typical jobs available at these airports.

Major UK Airports

The UK has almost two dozens of airports that handle more than one million passengers every year. Many of the airports in the island country are among the biggest and busiest in Europe. Below are the top three major airports in the UK.

Heathrow Airport – Located in London, this airport is the biggest not only in the country but also in the whole of Europe. Heathrow, which handles more than 70 million passengers on a yearly basis, is also the third busiest in the world. This is such a great place to look for UK airport jobs.

Gatwick Airport – This London airport is the second busiest in the country. More than 35 million passengers passed through the doors of Gatwick Airport in 2013, according to CAA statistics. It is the busiest single-runway airport in the world.

Manchester Airport – This is the busiest airport in the UK among those not located within the confines of London. Manchester Airport handled almost 21 million passengers in 2013, with that figure expected to increase by more than double to 50 million by 2030.

The list of the top 10 airports in the UK, based on UK CAA statistics released in 2014, is completed by the following air travel facilities:

* London Stansted
* London Luton
* Edinburgh
* Birmingham
* Glasgow
* Bristol
* Newcastle

Typical UK Airport Jobs

Numerous hands are needed to get an average airport running and, with many major airports across the country, these means you have thousands and thousands of UK airport jobs spread across the country. Almost anybody can work in these airports since both skilled and unskilled workers are required to function in different areas, such as security, marketing, IT, engineering, finance and retail, just to name a few. Typical UK airport jobs or positions include the following:

* Airline pilots
* Flight attendants
* Security officer
* Driver
* Loader
* Mechanics
* Customer service agent
* Air traffic controller
* Custodians or cleaners
* Baggage handlers

The listed jobs only give you an idea of the diversity of skills needed at airports in the UK and elsewhere. You should check out Airport Career for useful information on airport careers in the UK. A job board with listing of openings at or near different airports across the country can also be accessed via that website.

An airport career can be greatly rewarding. The interesting here is that you do not need to have had college education to be eligible for all the available UK airport jobs. There is no boring time when working in the vicinity of an air travel facility as everyday brings a different, exciting experience.