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Top Employers in Flagstaff Arizona

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Flagstaff is a booming metropolitan center for education, commerce and industry. The largest employer in the city is Northern Arizona University with government employment and tourism being the closest strong competitors. More than 5,000,000 tourists visit Flagstaff every year. Flagstaff is also strong in the research and development industries such as science and high tech.

Northern Arizona University

The Northern Arizona University campus contributes to the local economy in a major way. This campus is in use year round as host to many professional athletic figures and their teams: Arizona Cardinals, Olympic athletes in training and the Phoenix Suns. The university is the training spot of choice due to the geography of the Flagstaff area. Flagstaff has a climate that allows for outdoor training 12 months of the year.

The city has an elevation that is 7,000 feet above sea level and the university offers top shelf facilities. Northern Arizona University joins with the city and state to extend invitations to athletes around the world to train at their High Altitude Sports Training Center. The athletic competitive advantage comes from Flagstaff’s altitude as well as the facilities, health services and campus amenities that inspire and motivate.

Northern Arizona State University Jobs
Northern Arizona State University Jobs

Public Sector Employers

There are seven major public employers in and around Flagstaff, Arizona. The are a large number of governmental employers and the number of jobs they provide fluctuate through the year and based on budget levels.

The Northern Arizona University graduates have a treasure trove of employment possibilities available to them in the public sector. Equal opportunities wait with the employers in private sector companies.

Private Sector Employers

Flagstaff has a number of private sector companies in and around the city. These companies also draw a number of employees from graduating classes at Northern Arizona University. The companies range from accounting firms to hospitality sites and include:

University studies are deep and wide, thus providing the education these companies require of their new hires. The graduates receive their major degrees in areas such as accounting, anthropology, astronomy, biology, business, engineering, economics, environmental studies, forestry, languages, health sciences, hotel and restaurant management, marketing, music, parks and recreation management, photography, political science, psychology, religious studies, social work, theatre studies and women’s and gender studies.

Beyond a Bachelor Degree

University graduates explore and work in many various areas starting with government agencies and including entrepreneurial ventures, teaching in any of the 50 United States, entering leading corporations and hotel and restaurant environments. Many of the almost 16,000 recent graduates go onto Graduate School at the Northern Arizona University or elsewhere.

The Pre-Professional programs cover the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law, optometry and veterinary concentrations. NAU Graduate school also has a location on the Northern Arizona University campus.

Flagstaff Employment Atmosphere

Currently there are 1,560+ positions open and ready within the Flagstaff area. Most are professional, degree holding positions and include openings at Dell Inc for a Medical Coding Specialist, Albertsons LLC for a Pharmacy Manager, Mountain Heart Medical Practice for a General Cardiologist, Advanced Medical for an Occupational Therapist and SS8 Networks Inc for a Technical Marketing Manager, to name only a few. There are positions open with employers such as Northern Arizona University, Starbucks Coffee Company, Army National Guard – and the list goes on.

To say that Flagstaff has an educationally enriching environment with opportunity for employment would be an understatement. Search over a million positions today and you may be residing in Flagstaff, Arizona tomorrow.

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