City of Flagstaff Jobs

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The City of Flagstaff is the regional center and county seat for Coconino County, and the largest city in Northern Arizona. Flagstaff uses the council-manager form of government, which means that the council, consisting of five to nine members, is elected by the public, and the council then elects a manager to execute policies that are created. The manager’s duties and responsibilities consist of advising the council and doing administrative work for the City. The mission of the City is to protect and serve the citizens of Flagstaff, and it does so with the help of the council and manager, and its departments and services. (more…)

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SCA Tissue Employer Overview

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Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, or SCA Corporate, is a leading global hygiene and forest products company. SCA creates hygiene products such as facial tissues, handkerchiefs, napkins, hand lotion, and cleaning and wiping products. One of their manufacturing operations in North America is located in Flagstaff.


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Prent Thermoforming Employer Overview

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Prent Thermoforming is the leading designer and manufacturer of plastic thermoform packaging of the world. Their thermoform packaging is used in medical, electronics, and consumer industries in countries all around the globe. Prent creates their products in facilities around the world because of their reach, and one of the facilities is in Flagstaff.


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Nestle Purina Employer Overview

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Nestle Purina creates pet food and other pet products such as treats and litter. They have a number of well-known brands and are a successful subsidiary of Nestle. Their success is likely due to their commitment to the health and happiness of pets and people. If you, too, have a commitment to the wellness of animals, you might consider working for Nestle Purina.


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Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel Employer Overview

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Whether you are looking for a seasonal or year-round job, you might find the perfect job at Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel! There are a wealth of opportunities at the hotel and train since there are so many aspects to this unique hospitality business.


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