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Prent Thermoforming Employer Overview

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Prent Thermoforming is the leading designer and manufacturer of plastic thermoform packaging of the world. Their thermoform packaging is used in medical, electronics, and consumer industries in countries all around the globe. Prent creates their products in facilities around the world because of their reach, and one of the facilities is in Flagstaff.

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Prent Thermoforming

Prent Thermoforming began in Wisconsin in 1967. Prent’s many facilities can now be found all over the world – in the U.S., Malaysia, China, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Its Flagstaff facility is located at 1400 W Forest Meadows Street. Their custom thermoform packaging is used in various industries and for products such as cosmetic trays, procedure trays, containers, plastic models, electronic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and electrical plastics.


Prent Corporation places great importance on their employees’ abilities to continually advance their careers. Here are some of the positions available at Prent Thermoforming.

Inspector Packer

This is a part-time position with four different mini shifts throughout the day. Inspector packers are responsible for picking, inspecting, and packing parts, and auditing packed products. If you’d like to work as an inspector packer, you have to be comfortable working in a face-paced environment and be able to use a measuring scale reading 1/32, 1/64 of an inch. Experience is preferred but not necessary.

Machine Operator

Machine operators begin their career in the grinding area and are trained to run thermoforming equipment. Responsibilities at this stage include maintaining production equipment, preparing plastic for recycling, and maintaining records of all daily activities. To be a machine operator, you must have a high school degree or equivalent and math/mechanical skills. No experience is needed for this position, though one year of manufacturing experience is preferred.

Manufacturing/Facilities Engineer

As a manufacturing/facilities engineer, you would develop ideas and modifications to improve the facility and its machines. You would also supervise the maintenance of buildings and equipment and make sure they are operable. To be a manufacturing/facilities engineer, you must have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or an equivalent degree, at least three years of experience in designing and developing mechanical devices and project management. You also must have one year of 3D solid modeling experience.

Quality Engineer

As a quality engineer, you would maintain and enhance all of the quality systems in the Flagstaff location. You would direct and train employees, review in-house quality records, control calibration equipment, represent Prent Corporation during registrar, customer and supplier audits, and coordinate with external calibration sources, among other duties. You must have a BA Degree, while an Engineering degree is preferred. Three years as a leader in manufacturing environment is also necessary.

Pay and Benefits

Salaries depend on the position type and location, but inspector/packers usually receive about $10 – $11 per hour for their work. Production schedulers have salaries ranging from $35,000 to $41,000, and Systems and Control Engineers have salaries from $57,000 to $71,000.

Benefits include:

  • Paid holidays
  • Regular pay increases
  • Quarterly cost of living adjustments
  • Profit-sharing
  • Health, dental, and life insurance
  • Company paid short-term disability
  • Education reimbursement assistance
  • Wellness pay

How to Apply

You must first create a profile in the Prent Career Center before applying for a job. After you’ve done that, you can find open positions at Prent’s many locations here and apply for jobs.

If Prent does not appeal to you, you can check out this post for information on finding other jobs in Northern Arizona.

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