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Jobs In Arizona

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There is all sorts of work available in Arizona. Like any other state in America, the job categories in Arizona are plentiful and diverse. Major industries and companies in the state are good places to search for work.

Work in Arizona

There are many job categories in Arizona. Because the list is so extensive, only some of them will be focused on.

Management, business, and financial operations is needed everywhere. These types of jobs can be found in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. Finance jobs include bookkeeping, fund accounting, securities analysis, tax accounting, and policy underwriting.

Computer and mathematical jobs consist of computer security, network and server administration, software development, IT project management, and more.

The category of education, training, and library is also spread out. Work in education can be found in elementary, middle, and high schools, and in school administration. Training jobs can include corporate development and customer training.

Healthcare is a wide job category, as it covers dental practitioners, paramedics, medical practitioners, pharmacy, and more.

Food preparation and serving can include servers, cooks, and wine stewards.

State parks offer job opportunities such as park ranger, park manager, and park ranger specialist. There are also jobs in office settings, as well. To apply for an Arizona State Parks Job, visit the job board.

Forestry jobs can be found in Arizona. The Coconino National Forest and Tonto National Forest both employ people for a variety of jobs. Coconino National Forest is in northern Arizona, while Tonto National Forest is in central Arizona.


A major industry in Arizona is manufacturing. The main manufacturing facilities are in Phoenix and Tucson. In Phoenix, the products that are manufactured the most are aircraft parts, agricultural chemicals, air-conditioning equipment, and electronic equipment, among others. The largest manufacturing companies in Arizona are Raytheon Co., Intel Corp., Honeywell International Inc., and Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

Mining is also a major industry in the state. While copper is what’s mined the most, gold and silver are also found in Arizona. 60% of the United States’ copper comes from Arizona. Some Arizona mining companies are Asarco, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., Capstone, and Mercator Minerals. Asarco and Freeport-McMoRan are the operators of the leading copper-producing mines in Arizona, and have been for years.

Another major industry is tourism. Nearly forty million tourists visited Arizona in 2008. Because tourism is so big in this state, over 170,000 jobs have to do with lodging and travel. To work for the Arizona Office of Tourism, there is a step-by-step guide that must be followed. There are a number of tourism companies, which means there are a number of activities that the companies focus on. Some companies are the Verde Canyon Railroad, Adventures Out West, O.A.R.S., and Dreamland Safari Tours.

In 2014, the industries with the largest employment gains were trade, transportation, and utilities, and education and health services. Both industries gained at least 3,800 jobs, according to the Arizona Labor Statistics.

The top employers in Phoenix are the State of Arizona, Walmart, Banner Health, the City of Phoenix, and Wells Fargo. Raytheon is a major employer in Tucson. Other top employers in the entire state are Honeywell International, Intel Corp, Bashas’, Home Depot, and Krogers.

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