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How to Find College Students For Your Job Opening

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College students are very valuable workers for part-time, temporary, and seasonal positions, because they are in need of money and experience. Driven and motivated students make good workers because they want to earn money that can pay for their education. Knowing how to access a student body is vital when finding potential employees that are also college students.

Connecting with NAU

There are many ways for employers to connect directly with Northern Arizona University students. This can be done online and in person.

Jobs for Jacks is Northern Arizona University’s online employment database, available for students and alumni. NAU students and graduates can browse open positions and apply directly through Jobs for Jacks, or through the employer themselves. Employers can register to become a member of Jobs for Jacks, which allows employers to post job opportunities of all types. Employers can also browse student profiles and communicate with them directly.

Employers can also connect with NAU students by participating in a number of events, such as career fairs, on-campus information sessions, workshops, and more. Meeting with students face-to-face and becoming known on campus is a great way to hire students.

If employers are looking specifically for business students, it would be best to go to W. A. Franke College of Business’ section of the website. Here, employers can post jobs and internships, participate in Career Exploration Day, give students the opportunity to job shadow, be on the Corporate Panel, and much more to find the right business students.

Online Resources

There are numerous websites that are dedicated to finding college students for filling employee positions. is one such website. It specializes in posting job opportunities aimed towards college students, and helps employers gain access to various student bodies across the United States. Employers can post jobs at multiple schools at a time, and can seek out students based on their job profiles. The section for Northern Arizona University can be found here.

Experience is a website that helps college students and recent graduates find careers. Over 130,000 employers use this site to find students and alumni whose interests and skills match open job positions. Employers can post jobs and internships to multiple schools, and can find the right employee by narrowing candidate pools by location, school type, degree, and more.

OneStop is another website that can help employers find college students. Members can create a job posting, detailing job requirements, qualifications, and location, can target schools across the U.S., and post the job opening to multiple schools. Users can also register for career fairs and talk to potential employees face-to-face.

Uloop is another website that provides a number of services, including letting employers post jobs for college students. Companies can post jobs for students at local colleges and hire the best. Businesses can post jobs here, and the job postings for students at NAU are listed here.

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