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Heathrow Airport Jobs

London is a world renowned city and one with many major centers of employment generation. Heathrow Airport is one of the major providers of jobs in this capital city as well as in the entire United Kingdom and Europe. This post focuses on working in London, more specifically on Heathrow Airport jobs, if you happen to have special interest in such.

About London and Heathrow Airport

Built on the River Thames, London is said to have been a major settlement for about two millennia. It was founded by the Romans, who christened it Londinium. London is both the capital city of England and the UK. It is a global center in many areas, including finance, commerce, tourism, art, education, entertainment, research and development, and tourism. It is classed as a world cultural capital and is home to several famous sites, including four World Heritage Sites. London is the top city where many people from across the world say they would like to work, according to an international survey conducted by The Boston Consulting Group and

In terms of passenger traffic, London has the largest city airport system anywhere in the world. Heathrow Airport features conspicuous in the city’s impressive airport system. The airport is the busiest airport anywhere in the United Kingdom, with more than 70 million passengers handled on an annual basis. It also doubles as the busiest airport in Europe. Lying about 22 kilometers west of Central London, Heathrow Airport is British Airways’ primary hub as well as the main operating base for Virgin Atlantic. More than 90 airlines operate flights from here to around 170 destinations across the globe, helping to ensure Heathrow Airport jobs are in no short supply.

Working at Heathrow Airport

One will only be stating the obvious by saying the presence of Heathrow in London drives the creation of numerous employment opportunities not only in the city but the whole of the UK. So if you are interested in Heathrow Airport jobs, be rest assured that you stand a good chance of landing one. A facility as big as this requires a large number of workers to drive its operations. While it is true that the airport itself provides just few hundreds of Heathrow Airport jobs, airlines and other companies in its vicinity provides several thousands of openings. These jobs are spread across different areas, including security, terminal operations, customer service, finance, engineering, IT, supply chain and human resources to mention a few. So whatever your skill set, you are very likely to land a job at the airport.

Popular Heathrow Airport jobs include the following:

* Airline pilot jobs
* Air hostess jobs
* Baggage handler jobs
* Security officer job
* Loader jobs
* Driver jobs
* Air traffic controller jobs
* Passenger service agent jobs
* Aircraft cleaner jobs

You may visit the Heathrow Careers website for more information on the different types of Heathrow Airport jobs so that you can start applying right away. These jobs not only offer you decent salaries, but often come with several perks.

You are certain to enjoy working on Heathrow Airport jobs, partly because every day brings a new exciting experience. These jobs also provide opportunity of making useful international contacts.