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Government Jobs in Arizona

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All of the different governments in the United States are pertinent, and like any other state in America, Arizona is run by different forms of governments. These governments need people to run them, whether it is the federal, state, or local government. Because government are so expansive, careers of all types can be found in government work. Job seekers can find a variety of government jobs on the federal, state, and local levels.

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How to Get Government Jobs

There are many types of jobs in the federal government. To be eligible for federal work, applicants must fit certain requirements. U.S. citizens can be hired into the Competitive Service, Expected Service, or Senior Executive Service if they have never worked for the federal government before. There are more factors that must be considered if a non-citizen is looking for work in the federal government; however, if non-citizens meet certain requirements, they may be hired into the excepted service or the Senior Executive Service. Individuals who have worked in or are continuing to work in the federal government are given priority and have other benefits when transferring.

The first step in applying for a federal government job is creating an account on After creating a profile and resume, applicants can search for open jobs. After ensuring that all qualifications are met, apply. Documents may have to be submitted upon applying for some jobs. After applying, accounts can be checked for application statuses. The specific agency can be contacted in the case of specific follow-up questions.

As for state government jobs, applicants must first create an account on A step-by-step guide is available if needed. The website strongly recommends that members review their profiles carefully before submitting. Profiles and resumes must be complete and accurate and can be altered for different jobs. Members can then search and apply for state government jobs.

In order to apply for local city government jobs, applicants should go to the website of their local government. For example, if the applicant lives in Flagstaff, the applicant should visit the City of Flagstaff’s job opening page. An account must be made before applying for any jobs. If the applicant lives in Prescott, the applicant can apply for open positions on the City of Prescott website. However, an account is not needed to apply for Prescott government jobs.

Unique Government Jobs

There are many job categories available when looking at government job opportunities in Arizona. While there are the typical job categories, such as general maintenance and operations work and management, administrative and clerical services, some unique job categories are also available, these being biological sciences, aircraft overhaul, and physical sciences. There are research jobs in the biological sciences category that are unlike many other positions. The supervisory research molecular biologist, for example, leads a research team in Maricopa, Arizona. Other agencies and independent organizations also have more unusual job opportunities, as they exist outside of the standard departments.

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