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Flagstaff United School District Employer Overview

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The Flagstaff Unified School District is the main school district in Flagstaff, and one of the largest employers in Northern Arizona. Working in education is a rewarding and valuable career which benefits everyone who is in involved in education, whether they are teachers, other members of the staff, students, or parents. FUSD is supported by the Flagstaff community and is dedicated to providing for its students.

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Flagstaff Unified School District

Flagstaff Unified School District is the main school district in Flagstaff. Its schools range from kindergarten to twelfth grade and is comprised of fifteen schools, which are spread throughout the city. All of the schools in FUSD are dedicated to providing challenging educational opportunities to encourage success, curiosity, and skill. There are approximately 9,900 students in FUSD, and enrollment rates have been increasing over the past few years. FUSD is supported by the Flagstaff community and engages regularly with community members.

FUSD ensures that its school programs are well-rounded and involve a variety of interests and skills. They provide art, music, physical education at all levels, and include interest-based programs such as culinary arts and technological skills. FUSD also puts an emphasis on STEM education, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. The district ensures that the schools’ curriculum meet the standards needed for life after K-12.

You can learn more about Flagstaff Unified School District on their website.

Jobs in FUSD

Working for FUSD doesn’t have to mean working as a teacher – it can also mean working as a coach or a technology assistant. There is a wealth of employment opportunities in FUSD. For example, there have been open positions for school nurses, coaches for sports and debate teams, event workers, K-12 teachers, after-school caregivers, maintenance workers, and substitute teachers. You can easily browse through all of the open positions on FUSD’s website.

To become a teacher for FUSD, there are a few requirements you must meet. If you are an Arizona applicant, you must include an Arizona Department of Education Teacher certificate, current Identity Verified Prints (IVP) fingerprint clearance card, transcripts, and proof that you have passed qualified examinations, including AEPA, NES, and PRAXIS.

If you are out-of-state, you may still apply. However, you will be held to higher standards than Arizona applicants. The Arizona Department of Education website offers more information on requirements, as well as the human resources department of FUSD, which also provides a teacher certification information sheet here

Your compensation as a teacher depends on your level of experience and your own educational background. FUSD also provides benefits and discounts for some of their employees. Many independent organizations offer discounts to FUSD employees, such as TicketMaster, Liberty Mutual, and Verizon. An entire list of discounts can be found on the FUSD website here. Additionally, you will receive benefits if you work thirty or more hours per week. An overview of the benefits you receive are listed here on the FUSD website. And if you do choose to work in FUSD, you’re in luck! In July of 2016, FUSD increased salaries by 3.5% for teachers and other staff members.

If you find a suitable opening, you can apply for a job by scrolling to the bottom of the employment opportunities page on the FUSD website. You then have to make an account to begin the application. After submitting the application, you should be contacted within the time span of several days to several weeks.

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