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Federal Jobs in Arizona

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The federal government is a great place to look for a job. This is because of all the departments and agencies the government has, which means that it needs people of different skills and talents for each one. Each state has at least a few thousand federal employees, and Arizona has ten thousand. Because the federal government is so extensive, there is a need for employers in every diverse field.

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Federal Government Jobs

There is a wide variety of federal government jobs available because of all the different responsibilities the government has. The job categories can range from business to transportation to wood work. Because of this, it would not be difficult to find a job that is suitable for one’s skills and desires.

For example, working as an attorney for the federal government is very rewarding. They have a lot of responsibility and get paid more than the average attorney. There are job opportunities inside Washington, DC, nationwide, and even outside of the United States. In the executive branch, the most common agencies for attorneys to live in are the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, and the Department of the Treasury. has a list of federal job title categories, that also shows which jobs in each category has open positions. Another useful website is, which has links and resources for job postings and specific agencies and departments.

How to Find Federal Jobs

There are many online resources to find federal government job listings. is one such site. This website has hundreds of open positions in Arizona, and provides information on salary, the type of position, a summary of the job, requirements, and much more. USAJobs is the federal government’s official source for finding employment in the government. AmericaJobs is also a website that features government jobs. Like other websites, it provides key information like the job summary, benefits, qualifications, and type of job. AZStateJobs is a website specifically for the state of Arizona. The job board by AZStateJobs allows users to search for jobs by keyword, location, job type, job ID, category, and agency.

Applying for a federal job depends on which site is being used, and which position it is. On USAJobs, for example, users can find information on how to apply by clicking the “How to Apply” tab at the top of the job description. A resume is always needed. Other necessary documents may include a cover letter, a letter of recommendation, or a questionnaire. Applications are typically done online. This can either be done on USAJobs, or an external link may be provided. Creating an account on USAJobs would be beneficial when searching and applying for jobs. Also, be careful of any deadlines any open positions might have.

If someone is having doubts for fears about a specific agency, they can always check out This website has rankings for all of the federal government’s agencies, big and small. The agencies are ranked by pay, effective leadership, work-life balance, and more. may help narrow down the search.

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