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Coconino County Employer Overview

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Coconino County consists of several cities in Northern Arizona, including Flagstaff, Tuba City, and Page. It was established in 1891 with a population of 4,000, which has now increased to 139,097. Coconino County is the second largest geographic county in the United States, and government jobs in Coconino County are plentiful and diverse, so anyone looking for employment within the county is sure to find a suitable career.

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Coconino County

Coconino County is a fun and diverse area of Arizona with plenty of attractions, both natural and man-made. The most famous attraction by far is the Grand Canyon National Park. Flagstaff, in particular, is lauded for being a great place to live and to work. In Flagstaff alone, spectacles include Lowell Observatory, the research institution where Pluto was discovered; the Arboretum, the home of hundreds of plants in the Coconino National Forest; and the Flagstaff Urban Trails System, the system of pathways that spread throughout the city.

In 1891, Coconino County was created out of Yavapai County. It had a mere population of 4,000 at that point, and its major industries were logging and cattle ranching. Coconino County continues to expand and grow as the years go on, and it should only continue to do so.

Jobs within Coconino County

The government of Coconino County has many departments, including facilities management, finance, and parks and recreation. Because of the County’s many responsibilities, there is a wide variety of employment opportunities within it. Full descriptions of all the jobs in the County can be found here, whether the jobs are currently open or not. If you are interested in a job that isn’t open at the time, you can fill out a job interest card so you can be be notified if it becomes open.

To view the job opportunities that are currently available, click on this link. To apply for a position, select an employment opportunity which interests you. After reviewing the description and requirements and making sure it is suitable, click on “apply” at the top right corner. You will have to make an account if you don’t already have one, which only requires an email address. You can check the status of jobs that were recently open here.

Requirements and qualifications naturally differ from job to job. For example, to be a judicial assistant, you must have three years experience as a legal secretary or an equivalent. You must also have knowledge of Rules of Criminal and Civil Procedure, A.R.S., and other relevant information. To be an accountant, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and three years experience in governmental accounting.

As for benefits, the County is a part of the Northern Arizona Public Employees Benefit Trust (NAPEBT). The NAPEBT provides benefits packages to public employers, which helps Coconino County provide a better benefits package to its employees long-term. The benefits apply to full-time employees, which includes your option from three different medical plans, dental insurance through Delta Dental, an eye exam with the option of additional benefits, and life insurance. A full description of all the employee benefits can be found here.

To find out more information on obtaining government jobs in Arizona, check out this post.

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