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Coconino Community College Employer Overview

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Coconino Community College has repeatedly been named one of the best community colleges in the United States based on its values, learning outcomes, and student support. In the Flagstaff campuses alone, over 7,500 students are enrolled in CCC every year. Whether you’d like to be an instructor, part of the nursing faculty, or part of the staff, CCC has a place for you.

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Coconino Community College

Coconino Community College is a community college located in Flagstaff, though it operates throughout Coconino County. Students of CCC live across Northern Arizona in areas such as Williams, Tuba City, the Grand Canyon, and Navajo, Hopi, and Supai Tribal Lands. CCC provides over sixty certificate programs and associate degrees to its many students. It also created the award-winning CCC2NAU program, which has been allowing students to transfer with ease to Northern Arizona University since 2008.

Jobs at CCC

Positions at CCC include full-time instructors, part-time instructors, nursing faculty, full-time staff, and part-time staff. These five different categories determine the job responsibilities, salary, qualifications, and more. Some part-time faculty positions are temporary and do not include benefits. The full and part time staff jobs consist of positions such as service clerks, assistants, security guards, academic advisors, and maintenance workers.


Qualifications differ from job to job, so check job descriptions to see what all of the specific requirements are.

For example, nursing faculty members are required to have a master’s degree in nursing, two years experience as a nurse who provided direct patient care, and a nursing license. Other faculty members must have a bachelor’s degree and/or experience in the field. Depending on the field, you may need additional certification, licenses, or a master’s degree.

Part-time staff positions may require a high school diploma or GED, experience, an associate’s degree, and/or a bachelor’s degree. Full-time positions may require a high school diploma or GED, experience, an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and/or a master’s degree.

Pay and Benefits

Pay differs depending on the job, time worked in the position, and prior experience. For example, pay for some staff positions are at minimum wage, while others have yearly salaries. All of the salary schedules can be found here on the CCC website, sorted by category.

Full-time benefits include the choice of a retirement plan, disability insurance programs, health insurance, vision insurance, paid time-off days, and more.

Part-time employees of CCC also receive benefits. Some of these benefits are participation in ASRS (a benefit retirement program), retirement savings plans, disability benefits, and tuition reimbursement. Other benefits and more information on them can be found here.

Apply Now

Employment opportunities at CCC are posted here on their website. You can find more specific jobs with ease by selecting certain categories or by searching for select keywords. To apply for a job at CCC, you can do so online by clicking “apply” and creating a “governmentjobs” account. Additionally, if you are applying for a faculty position, you must complete and submit a supplemental credentials application. You can sign in here to check the status of your application.

If you’d like to teach elsewhere in Arizona, check out either this general post on teaching jobs in Arizona, or this post on jobs in the Flagstaff United School District.

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