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Walgreens Employer Overview

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Walgreens is the number one pharmacy in the United States of America. It has been lauded for being a premier pharmacy and enterprise, and for good reason. Its purpose centers around people’s health and happiness – that of both their customers and employees.

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Walgreens was established in 1901 as a small neighborhood drugstore in Illinois. Since then, it has become the number one pharmacy-led health and well-being enterprise in the world. There are two Walgreens locations in Flagstaff: on Milton Road and on E Route 66. With over 8,000 stores and over 240,000 employees across the nation, Walgreens has a place for you if you are a friendly, enthusiastic person who wants to improve the health of people’s lives.

Job Opportunities

There are many career areas within Walgreens, all of which can be found here.

As a pharmacist or pharmacist technician for Walgreens, you are the face of the chain as it is, first and foremost, a pharmacy. As the face of Walgreens, pharmacists have the responsibility of interacting with and servicing customers to the best of their ability.

There are several different job opportunities within Walgreens stores besides pharmacists as well. For example, you could be a beauty advisor, customer service associate, photo specialist, or shift lead. Each of these require different skill sets, such as knowing the latest beauty trends and products, operating cash registers, photo processing, and leadership and management.


If you are a student or recent graduate who is interested in having a career at Walgreens, you might consider applying for an internship. Walgreens has three typical career paths for interns, where they start as either a supply chain operations intern, community management intern, or a pharmacy intern. The first one can lead to a career as a general manager of distributions, and the second two can lead to being the regional vice president.

You can get an internship in a distribution center an either an operations intern or a human resources intern. There are several internships that have to do with pharmacy as well – you can read more about all of them here. And last but not least, there are also retail internships, which can equip you to become a store manager. If you’re interested in becoming an intern, check out this page, which will let you know about the events they have at school campuses.

Pay and Benefits

Pay depends on location, but the average hourly salaries for common positions are as follows:

  • Certified pharmacy technician – $12.51
  • Pharmacy technician – $11.19
  • Senior certified pharmacy technician – $15.24
  • Pharmacist – $61.59
  • Customer service associate – $8.73
  • Shift lead – $12.19
  • Assistant manager – $18.30
  • Photo specialist – $9.13
  • Beauty advisor – $8.73
  • Head photo specialist – $10.46

Part-time benefits include personal leave, the Walgreens Employee Stock Purchase Plan, flexible pay, and the Well Informed program which lets employees get entered into a raffle who participate in healthy actions. Part-time employees and their families also get a 15% discount on most purchases at Walgreens stores.

Full-time benefits include choices from different health, dental, and vision plans, prescription coverage, coverage for domestic partners, life insurance, personal leave, and more. Full-time employees and their families also get a 15% discount on most purchases at Walgreens stores.


To search for open positions, click here. There, you can enter keywords, your location, and the radius you want to search for to find current job opportunities.

There used to be a Walgreens Distributions Center in Flagstaff, which closed in April of 2015. As this article illustrates, the distribution center made its final act of kindness when it allowed local non-profit groups to shop for free right before it closed for good.

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