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Teaching Jobs in Arizona

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Teaching is a valuable profession for obvious reasons; educating the future is extremely important. Those who wish to become teachers at any level will find a number of opportunities in Northern Arizona. Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities are all in need of teachers, and it is not so difficult to find open positions.

Finding Teaching Jobs

Searching for a teaching job can be done either online or in person. Job fairs may present teaching opportunities. The Arizona Department of Economic Security has a list of resources for finding job fairs. However, if searching at home is more preferable, there are many websites geared towards future teachers. The U.S. Department of Education offers a website that allows users to find teaching jobs across the United States. The Arizona Education Employment Board focuses solely on Arizona.

Other websites include EducationCrossing, Teachers-Teachers, and SchoolSpring. There are some websites that are specifically for those who are seeking jobs at universities or colleges, such as HigherEdJobs and AcademicKeys. Typical job sites will also work; Indeed and SimplyHired are some of many.

The U.S. Department of Education released a Teacher Shortage Area list in March of 2014, where Arizona is listed on page twelve. It lists the areas where there is a shortage of teachers; in elementary levels, special education is low. As for middle schools, science, foreign languages, and art are some of the subjects where there is a shortage. And lastly, in high schools, there is a shortage in chemistry, economics, government, and other subjects. It would be smart to look for work in those areas, as there is a higher chance that there will be openings.

Different Options

To become a daycare teacher, a high school diploma is almost always required. College education and previous experience are preferable. In Arizona, an Early Childhood Education certificate is needed. Certifications such as the Child Care Professional certification or the Child Development Associate Credential may be required.

As for preschools, the education needed to become a preschool teacher is generally a high school diploma and an associate’s degree in an applicable field. Sometimes a bachelor’s degree is required along with a high school diploma. Like the daycare requirements, an Early Childhood Education certificate is needed.

There are different requirements throughout k-12. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers must have a bachelor’s degree in education and a state teacher certification. Middle school teachers must also have a bachelor’s degree. A path many take is that of majoring in the subject they will teach and minoring in education. A bachelor’s degree is also needed to become a high school teacher. One may major in secondary education with an emphasis on their subject, or major in that subject and minor in education. The application for certification covers many types of certifications.

Lastly, for universities, a master’s degree is needed at the very least. Many require a doctoral degree, however. Those who only have a master’s may be hired as an assistant or associate professor.

The Arizona Department of Education has a complete list of requirements for teaching at different levels.

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