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Route 66 Days Festival

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There are many fun community events that take place all year round in Flagstaff. One of these events is the Route 66 Days Festival. The Route 66 Days Festival is a charity car show that lasts over the course of a couple of days in the fall, and draws in people from all over the country. This event is organized by the Route 66 Car Club of Flagstaff and is open to everyone.


The Route 66 Car Club was established in 1983, but before that year, the car club focused on the Chevrolet Corvair marque and other old classics. Now, it is a non-profit organization that is interested in a wide variety of automobiles,  such as racing cars, older classics, trucks, street rods, motorcycles, tractors, or restorations. The Car Club is made up of people who have a shared interest in automobiles, no matter what they are. In order to share their love of cars with everyone and benefit Flagstaff, the Car Club holds fundraising activities and actively participates in the community. For example, the Route 66 Car Club has been hosting a public car show in Flagstaff yearly, making the Festival in 2014 the 10th anniversary.

Route 66 Days Festival

The Route 66 Days Festival typically occurs in September and draws people from all over the United States, so not all of the attendants are locals. The Festival is held in Wheeler Park but it spreads throughout all of historic downtown Flagstaff because of the large number of cars in the show. There are always over 400 automobiles featured in the festival, and the number of automobiles grows yearly. In 2014, the car show was open to the first 450 entries.

The Festival is free, open to the public, and held during the weekend, so it is fun and accessible for the whole family. This event also has musicians, bands, arts and crafts, children’s entertainment, a silent auction, a raffle, and food vendors so there is something for everyone. In 2009, the Route 66 Days Festival featured events such as a screening of the film Cars, an exhibit in Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library, a free concert, an arts and crafts fair, an award ceremony for the winning cars, and book-signing events featuring Route 66 authors. The festivities start on Friday afternoon and last until Sunday evening, though the main events usually happen on Saturday. It is truly a community event, and this is also seen in how many Flagstaff sponsors there are for the festival.


The past winners of the car show can be found on the Route 66 Car Club‘s website:

Location of Wheeler Park

Route 66 Car Club’s Facebook page

Contact the Route 66 Car Club

Photos of past Route 66 Days Festivals:


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