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Nestle Purina Employer Overview

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Nestle Purina creates pet food and other pet products such as treats and litter. They have a number of well-known brands and are a successful subsidiary of Nestle. Their success is likely due to their commitment to the health and happiness of pets and people. If you, too, have a commitment to the wellness of animals, you might consider working for Nestle Purina.

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Nestle Purina

Nestle Purina is a pet food subsidiary of Nestle that has been active for over eighty years. They are committed to pet welfare and ensuring their products are nutritious for their furry consumers. Purina is also environmental friendly and supports several pet-related charities and St. Louis’ Children’s Hospital. Furthermore, the company has been repeatedly lauded for being a great place to work. There are around 6,500 employees in the United States alone, and some of them are located in the distribution center in Flagstaff. Keep reading to learn about the wealth of job opportunities Nestle Purina offers.


Hourly Job Opportunities

If you’d like to work an hourly job at Nestle Purina, you would be involved in the production and service. One such job is the maintenance mechanic. Their responsibilities include managing the preventative and predictive maintenance, troubleshooting devices and equipment, and maintaining all of the systems in the plant. All open hourly positions can be found here.

Entry Level Career Opportunities

If you’d like to work an entry-level job, you would learn how to work well in teams and how to advance your career in Nestle Purina. You also have the option to join the Management Trainee Program, where you will be trained in skills needed to be a manager in one of the many departments of Purina. All open entry-level positions can be found here.

Professional Career Opportunities

If you’d like a professional career at Purina, you would apply your skills to a specific part of the company. An example of a professional career at Nestle Purina is the retail and shopper marketing manager, who is responsible for leading the strategic development of marketing plans and programming. Here are all of the professional job openings at Nestle Purina nationwide.

Internship Opportunities

And lastly, if you’d like to intern at Purina, you have the ability to do so. There are many fields with paid internship positions, including:

  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Web administrator

All available internships can be found here.

Qualifications for jobs can range from high school degrees and six months relevant experience to bachelor’s degrees and three years relevant experience. Be sure to check job descriptions for the specific qualifications and preferences.

Pay and Benefits

Salary depends, of course, on the job category, position, and location. For example, forklift operators make around $20 an hour. The pay for interns depends on their position – for example, marketing interns can make around $31, while supply chain interns can make around $19 an hour. Engineers make around $80,000 a year, and logistics managers make about $105,000 a year. Account managers make about $84,000, marketing associates make about $96,000, and human resource managers make around $103,000.

Benefits at Nestle Purina include healthcare benefits (including medical, dental, vision, and life), paid time off, and enrollment in the company 401(k) plan. Full-time employees can also participate in a short-term bonus incentive program. A unique benefit that Purina offers is the Pet Adoption Program, where employees are given $200 to offset the cost of a new pet adoption, among other helpful programs.

How to Apply

You can view job opportunities at the Career Center at Nestle Purina. Purina allows you to search for job openings via categories and locations – here’s a link to the openings in the state of Arizona. To apply for a job, you must create a profile with Nestle Purina. You also have the option of subscribing to receive a newsletter and relevant job opportunities from Nestle Purina via email.

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