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Flagstaff Medical Center Employer Overview

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Flagstaff Medical Center is the main hospital in Flagstaff and a part of Northern Arizona Healthcare. It is an award-winning hospital and a major employer in the city. New opportunities come up frequently as new job openings are posted daily on the NAH website.

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Flagstaff Medical Center

Flagstaff Medical Center is a part of Northern Arizona Healthcare, which consists of hospitals, physician clinics, surgical centers, and more throughout Northern Arizona. Northern Arizona Healthcare has been active since 1936 and has been named a top-performing healthcare system in the United States. Over 3,000 people are currently employed by Northern Arizona Healthcare, and they all help to treat over 700,000 people. Flagstaff Medical Center is located at 1200 North Beaver Street and officially became a part of Northern Arizona Healthcare in the 1980s.

Jobs at Flagstaff Medical Center

You can find the open job listings of Northern Arizona Healthcare here. To only show open positions in Flagstaff Medical Center, choose “Flagstaff Medical Center” in the “Division” section. You can narrow your search even further by choosing the position type and entering keywords. You can also set up a convenient job alert for your search results – Northern Arizona Healthcare will send you an email when there are new career opportunities that match your interests.

There are all sorts of career opportunities at Flagstaff Medical Center because hospitals require all sorts of skills and experience. For example, you have options to work as a technician, paramedic, secretary, physical therapist, housekeeper, van driver, and so much more. You can also work as a seasonal registered nurse. These opportunities are available year-round, and you must be able to work for at least three months, with a maximum of working for six months.

Job Requirements

Naturally, different positions have different requirements. Northern Arizona Healthcare offers several resources for figuring out all the requirements and licenses needed for different jobs. They also provide specialty training to employees to teach skills and increase certifications. These programs cater to people new to the industry, those who are already experienced, and registered nurses who are re-entering the industry.

Registered nurses are required to have an Arizona nursing license or a valid compact state license. You must also have at least two years experience of acute-care.

Dietitians at Flagstaff Medical Center must have a baccalaureate degree in nutrition, and must be a registered dietitian. Experience as a dietitian and membership of the American Dietetic Association is preferred.

Pharmacists are required to have a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy and be a registered pharmacist. One year of experience as a pharmacist in a hospital is preferred.

Equipment technicians are required to have a high school diploma or an equivalent. Knowledge of medical terminology and experience in patient care is preferred.

Emergency Medical Technicians are required to have a high school diploma or an equivalent, Arizona certification as a certified basic EMT, an Arizona driver’s license, and BLS certification.

Physical therapists are required to have a Bachelor’s degree, clinical documentation experience, a license in Arizona, and BLS certification. A Master’s degree is preferred.

More qualifications and information on each job can be found in the job descriptions after searching for open positions.

Pay and Benefits

The pay you could get depends on which job you are applying for.

For example, the base salary for seasonal registered nurses is $34.05 per hour. Housing for this job includes either a furnished studio or a monthly $800 housing stipend. Northern Arizona Healthcare will also reimburse a possible round-trip up to $500. You will also get medical coverage and a 401(k) account.

Northern Arizona Healthcare offers financial and health benefits, and time off. While employed by Northern Arizona Healthcare, you will get a 401(k) account, which allows you to contribute after-tax dollars, take tax-free distributions, and reduce taxable income in the future once retired. As for health benefits, two plans are offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield. You receive these benefits if you work full-time (at least 30 hours).

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