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Construction is important and needed, and the work could not get done without the multitude of different workers in the industry. Careers in construction are very stable because of its necessity in our society. And because of the long and layered process of construction, various types of work must be done to complete projects.

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Construction in Northern Arizona

In 2014, a number of construction projects funded by the state government progressed in Arizona. The projects in Northern Arizona include route widening and emergency repairs. Repairs are ongoing on Route 89, where a landslide damaged the roadway; it is expected to be finished by late spring of 2015. Construction began in June of 2014 to improve I-17, and is anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2015. A project on Virgin River Bridge on I-15 will continue through 2016. There are also plans to expand U.S. 89 through the community of Cameron, and this expansion should be completed in the fall of 2016. The state of Arizona will continue to plan multiple construction projects and will continue to complete them.

The Northern Arizona Building Association is a non-profit trade association that unites businesses in the construction industry. Some members of the NABA are Barden Home Builders, Flagstaff Design & Construction, Inc., and Wespac Construction, Inc. While most of these businesses are located in Flagstaff, there are some in Bellemont, Sedona, and Williams to name a few. The Contractors Association of Northern Arizona is also a non-profit trade association that focuses on contractors in Northern Arizona. This association lists contractors in Show Low, Lakeside, Pinetop, and other cities. A few members of CANA are Evergreen Construction, Langteau Construction, LLC, and Alpine Mountain Homes, Inc.

The top ten commercial construction companies in the state of Arizona are Kitchell, McCarthy Building Cos., Hunt Construction Group Inc., Sundt Construction Inc., Haydon Building Corporation, D.L. Withers Construction L.C., Okland Construction Co. Inc., Holder Construction Group LLC, Adolfson & Peterson Construction, and the Weitz Company.

Types of Construction Jobs

As stated earlier, construction projects can only function when all of the processes are operating. These processes, which include design and finance, require a variety of employees to fill the different roles and responsibilities. Some of these jobs are construction managers, designers, engineers, architects, and developers. Other jobs include project managers, cost estimators, construction laborers, cement masons, carpenters, and glaziers. The skill and education levels needed vary from job to job; construction managers and architects are encouraged to pursue bachelor’s degrees. On the other hand, cement masons and construction laborers are trained to do their jobs while at work.

In 2014, U.S. News ranked the best construction jobs based on factors such as employment rate, median salary, and job prospects. Construction managers are ranked number one because of the wide range of responsibilities and the relatively high median salary. At number two is cost estimators, based on the rapidly growing need for them. Glaziers, who cut and install glasswork, are ranked number three, partly because their median salary is higher than that of construction workers, painters, and cement masons.

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