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City of Flagstaff Jobs

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The City of Flagstaff is the regional center and county seat for Coconino County, and the largest city in Northern Arizona. Flagstaff uses the council-manager form of government, which means that the council, consisting of five to nine members, is elected by the public, and the council then elects a manager to execute policies that are created. The manager’s duties and responsibilities consist of advising the council and doing administrative work for the City. The mission of the City is to protect and serve the citizens of Flagstaff, and it does so with the help of the council and manager, and its departments and services.

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City of Flagstaff Services

The city government of Flagstaff has a wide reach and offers many valuable resources for the community. City hall provides information that is relevant and useful for the citizens, listing a multitude of online resources and ways to contact city officials. In addition to publishing city code and preparing emergency procedures, City Hall also runs elections for the positions of Mayor and Councilmembers. The City Council also holds bimonthly meetings in order to discuss business, and citizen input is needed at times for items that are more controversial. The City Hall website provides agendas and minutes for these meetings.

City of Flagstaff Job Openings

City services extend from the Flagstaff fire department to human resources to public works. A number of departments exist to serve the people of Flagstaff, whether it be in the way of resolving court cases or providing water. These departments and services handle their own specific areas of city management. Here is a list of all the departments in the City of Flagstaff, and here is a list of all the City services.

City of Flagstaff Jobs

Because of the wide range of city services in Flagstaff, there is a wide range of city jobs as well. There are a number of positions in the city government and elsewhere that need to be occupied in order to fulfill the needs of the city and its people. For instance, technicians are a common job position because they are needed throughout the city departments and services. Other pertinent job positions for the City of Flagstaff are police officers, project managers, and equipment operators.

The first step in applying for a city job is to browse the positions that are currently open. Full descriptions of jobs based on their categories can also be found. The requirements, duties, work hours, and more are all listed within the full description, and after finding a suitable option, one can easily apply online. An account with the City of Flagstaff website is needed because the entire application process is digital. To look at the statuses of city jobs that are open at the moment, click here.

All in all, the City of Flagstaff aims to serve the citizens, and by doing so, also provides many chances for local work. The job positions that the City is looking to fill require a variety of skills, providing opportunities for many individuals.

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